I didn’t count how many small holes I drilled into the 92L tub, suffice to say it took over an hour to finish making them. I began pulling apart cardboard into small pieces to start the carbon layer on the bottom, and that took longer than the drilling. When I said my partner could make the call on whether to get the 80 or 92 litre tub I wasn’t thinking of how generous ze is, I should have known she’d choose the slightly larger and therefore more expensive one.

We’ve been collecting compost since I moved in in March but we had been sending it to my parents farm for the compost heaps there. But with lockdowns and our freezer filling up with weeks worth of fruit and vegetable scraps I turned to google to see what I should do.

And I needed a cheap option, without the theatre industry running how it usually does my bothfriend and I don’t have any income. I guess I wasn’t just looking for a solution, I was also looking for a project. Something I can spend time on regularly and have a measurable end point for. Something I can say I’m working on if anybody asks. Something that forces me to stop feeling sorry for myself.

It feels too dramatic to say the compost bin is meant to give me ‘a sense of purpose’ or that it ‘will fill the void of theatre’. But it does provide some comfort, and maybe also a sense of hope. A commitment to a future when the scraps have all broken down and I can load them into the car, drive to the farm and spread the compost on the veggie garden there.

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